When selling your house, it is important to have excellent curb appeal. More times than not, a potential buyer will pass on viewing your home if the outside is not appealing. It gives off the sense that the home owner has not kept up the home, and there could be many potential problems involved. Giving the potential buyer a perfect image is everything when trying to sell your home.

Here are some quick tricks to make your front door look inviting and pleasing to all those who pass. Your home is sure to get more lookers, if you make it more inviting.


The front door is one of the very first things a person will notice when approaching your home, or even just passing by. The front door of a home sees a lot of dirt, grime and abuse. It is not typically something that we care for on a regular basis. If your door has seen better days, and is serving as an area where drafts can come in, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade. A front door is not terribly expensive, and you can find an Energy Star door, which will help serve as a perk to many elements of the home, such as looks, heating and cooling. When picking out a door make sure you take the style of your home into consideration.


If your front door is still in good shape, you could dress it up with some new hardware. You will want to coordinate your hardware with the finish that is present on your light fixtures, mailbox, and house numbers. This will help give a pristine look that is well put together.


Weather elements can really wear on a door. The addition of a storm door can help preserve the longevity of the door’s life. You could also add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior to give it a clean look. Changing the door or trim color can really make a lasting impression on a home. Always make sure to choose colors that coordinate with the exterior colors of the home.


Everyone appreciates a home that has exterior lighting. It is the perfect solution for nighttime safety, and adds a great effect to the home’s curb appeal. Adding solar lights to a walkway, landscape, or the homes focal points can really get the attention of a buyer. Matching light fixtures of all the outside doors also give a well put together presentation.


Potted flowers close to the front door, deck or porch can give a welcoming invite to guest. There are a variety of planters available that help gives pleasing effects to those who are viewing a home. Landscaping the home in general can be a huge benefit when trying to sell, as buyers like to see a home that has mature landscaping. It means less work for them in the future.

If you are ready to sell your home, and are not willing to make necessary changes, then I can help. I buy homes, and have some quick sell options that I would like to go over with you. Call me today to see how I can help you.

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