A description of your home really matters. You need to choose your words wisely so that they spark the interest of potential buyers. Words can paint a beautiful image that your buyer will buy into. Your description will have a direct effect on how many lookers you have, and how quickly the home sells.

If your description is dull, more than likely a buyer will pass on by. Especially if the real estate market in your neighborhood is booming. If you don’t know where to start, try looking at listings of homes that have sold recently. It will be easy to see how the description helped bring in buyers.

Be Specific

Ensure that your description has all the important details of your home. You want to make sure that these get into the first half of your description. Use brand names and focus on the quality factor of your home’s possessions, such as the built in mahogany bookcases that were imported from another land. Make it sound unique and awe inspiring.

When you look out your window, what do you see? Buyers want to know this. They want to know the beauty that your home holds. Give a full picture of living in paridise.

Try transforming the phrases “remodeled or updated” to something more elaborate. Get specific about why these changes made your home more valuable. Yeah, you added a walk in closet, but say it differently: The addition of a walk in closet that is vast enough to house a large dresser, while giving plenty of space for your array of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Paint A Picture

You want the buyer to image themselves growing old in your home. Giving them a picture of what all your home has to offer them. Buyers love to envision spending long afternoons in the shaded backyard lounging in a hammock. Accent the community that you live in. Include highlighted amenities that are offered. This will help the buyer realize your home really is the full package.

Create a story that your buyer cannot resist. Add features of the home, such as the oversized garage or elegant patio. Talk about how the garage has tons of built in storage that is great for those who like organization, or the patio is the idea place to breath in the morning air while reading the paper.


Adjectives are great, but you have to be realistic. You can’t say your home is worth a million dollars when its not. You want to be realistic, otherwise your potential buyers will end up disappointed when viewing your home.

Be honest when describing your home. It will not pay off to become far fetched in your description, as buyers will become highly frustrated that their time was wasted. You should focus on the features of the home, as well as its functionality.

Price Your Home Accordingly

You need to always be competitive when pricing your home. This is vital to your home’s appearance in the real estate market. If the home is not priced right, buyers will pass on viewing it. If your home is described right and has an outstanding price, you will receive lots of attention.

It is important to take extra time on the description of your home. It could really change the way a buyer looks at it. If you have done this, and your home is still not selling, I can help. I buy homes, and would like to go over some quick sell options with you. Call me today for more details.


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