DIY projects can be fulfilling, easy on the budget, fun and creative. However, if the DIY project goes bad, it could cost you a lot of potential buyers when trying to sell your home. Nothing is worse than spending time and money on a project that turns out less than perfect. You then have to make the decision if you are going to spend even more money trying to fix it, or just leave it alone.

You should never take on a project that is bigger than you abilities. If you have absolutely no experience in plumbing, you wouldn’t install plumbing. Therefore, it is necessary to know when to take on a project and when to call in a professional. This will save you money in the long run, and you will appreciate the outcome as well.

Simple DIY Projects

Small things can really make a big impact, especially when listing your home on the real estate market. Here are some DIY Projects that are inexpensive, and can spruce up your home.

Switch covers

While it may sound like a minute thing, changing out switch covers can give an added touch to a room. When wanting to take a more modern approach, you may consider adding silver plated covers, or wooden covers for a more country living lifestyle.


Switching out outdated lighting can do a couple of different things. It can bring a better light source to a room, while bringing a whole new look. Even if you choose to keep the light fixture, you can simply change out the globes. This will really make a large impact on those viewing your home. Dingy lighting fixtures and globes are not appealing, and have the ability to make a room feel very drab.


If the appliances will go with the sell of the home, you should consider changing out any burners that are not working on the stove, as well as burner covers if you have them. While the stove may not be brand new, you can make it look much nicer. This will give more value to the appliances. Also, ensure the light bulb in the refrigerator works, as well as the one in the stove. These very minute things will be appreciated by those who view the home.


A fresh coat of paint to the walls or ceiling can make a room feel fresh and inviting. It also has the ability to make it look larger. Paint is a small investment to make, when wanting to sell a home. Plus, it is an easy project that you can tackle. Also, consider painting the exterior doors and trim. This will give added curb appeal.


There are many different DIY ideas for inexpensive walkways. This can be a huge benefit, but do not attempt it if you are not confident in your ability, as this is a project that could go horribly wrong.


Changing out cabinet hardware, and giving the cabinets a fresh coat of paint or polish can really bring life to old cabinetry. It’s so simple, but hardware can completely change the look of a cabinet.

Leave the bigger projects to the professionals, such as electricity, plumbing and heating and cooling. These are very important things that can cause more harm than good if they are done incorrectly.

If you have attempted one too many DIY projects that have gone wrong, and you are having a hard time selling your house because you are not willing to fix them. I can help you out. I buy houses and have some quick sell options for you. Contact me today for more details.

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