Getting top dollar for a home seems to be a high priority for homeowners, but they often make decisions that drop the value of the home. These decisions cost them in the long run.

There are several strides homeowners need to make in order for their home to be ready to show to potential buyers.

Rid Your House of Eye Sores

No one wants to walk into a home and see things that are un-appealing, such as over filled counter tops with small appliance’s or an overabundance of dusty knickknacks. Open window coverings to let in as much light as possible.

Do not use any type of overpowering fragrances in the home because this may aggravate allergies, which would hinder the buyer’s view of the home. When a showing of the home is underway, make sure all house pets and any of their belongings (good or bad) are out of sight.

Curb Appeal

A buyer’s first impression of a home is what the outside looks like. It is so important that all the landscaping is kept up as well as the yard clean of debris and junk. Buyers will form an opinion about the home before they even step a foot into the front door. Believe it or not, a home that has poor upkeep can lose 5% to 11% of its value. It is unfortunate, but if you have a neighbor with bad curb appeal, buyer’s will more than likely offer less for your home.

Interior Walls

If the walls of the home are plastered with wallpaper and bad paint this will decrease the value of the home. However, repainting and removing wallpaper are easy fixes that homeowners may want to consider doing. If the walls are dirty, it is a big sign to buyer’s that the home has not been maintained and they will look for other flaws in the home.

Small Repairs

Leaky faucets or broken door handles are really minor problems, but buyer’s will appreciate if you take the time to fix the small things in the home. These types of problems require little money and really help the sell of the home. If you ignore the small things buyer’s will automatically think the home has not been maintained well, and they will look for hidden issues within the home.

Foreclosure Heaven

Do you live in the middle of an area that is overfilled with homes that are going through foreclosure? This is something that is out of your control, but it will decrease the value of your home. Homes that are in foreclosure are being ignored and require much needed work. Many homeowners stir away from even looking at a home in a neighborhood that is overcome by foreclosure.

Buyer’s are in the market to buy a home that needs very little attention and all of these things will prove to be a big deal to them. Luckily, there are options available to you for a quick sale of your home and we would like to talk to you about them. A quick sale will take away the stress of picky buyers. Contact us today to review the benefits of a quick sale of your home.


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