How much truth is behind staging a home for potential buyers? Seller’s want to get the best price possible, while buyers want a home that meets all their needs at a good price. When an agent makes multiple sales, they quickly become a preferred agent. With this said, there are some myths behind home staging, as well as some truth.


Many sellers think that they have to make their home look picture perfect. However, this is not necessary. The truth about preparing a home to show to potential buyers is, you need to accent the architectural aspects. This does not mean you have to remove everything off counter tops and walls, as this will make the home appear boring.

Staging a home should be about making the most of the space it offers. You have to first get the buyer’s attention from online photos, and then they will want to view the home in person. If you don’t get their attention, they will pass on by.

Vacant Homes.

While some may think staging is only for homes that are currently being lived in, this is not always true. The myth behind this is, people think staging cost a lot of money, and if the home is already occupied, then it will cost less to capitalize on the staging of a home. Remember, staging a home should not cost a lot of money. You do not want to have a completely decluttered space, as this will make the home seem dull. Little accents can really transform a home, and make it more appealing to the buyer.

Neutralizing Wall Color

While you do not want to spend a lot of money when trying to sell your home, sometimes it is necessary to make minor changes, such as wall color. Wall color is something that can really turn a buyer off. Some individuals think that staging is about accenting what is already in the home. However, sometimes it is necessary to go the extra mile to make the home more appealing. Cosmetic changes could be a part of staging your home.

Staging is about making the buyer fall in love with the home. This could include minor changes, but making the most of the space it offers is equally important. If you are ready to sell your home, and do not want to worry with staging it, I can help. I buy homes, and have some quick sell options that could get your home off the market today. Contact me for more details.


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