Has your house been sitting on the market for an extended period of time? There are numerous reasons that your home has not yet sold and most of them have not even been considered by homeowners.

Consider this for a quick sell on your home

Priced too High:

This is one of the main reasons your home is not selling. Yes, everyone believes their home is worth more because they have made special memories there, but your buyer’s do not have an emotional attachment to the home. Buyers often skip looking at homes that are overpriced, and if they do look, they will offer a figure that is way lower than the asking price.

Review your asking price of the home if you have not had any lookers or if the home has been listed for 30 days.

Needing Updates:

If you list a home that is in need of repairs or updates you should consider the repairing the issues. Individuals who look at the home will not envision what it will look like after repairs and updates. They only see a home that is going to cost them more money up front. Buyers will be unwilling to buy a home in need of TLC.

Repairs and Updates will keep buyers looking.

Location and Design:

Buyers are in the market for a home that has a prime location and a nice layout. There are certain aspects that you cannot help like the overly sloping yard, bad floor plan, annoying neighbors, ect. These are factors that may determine your asking price. You may have to wait until a buyer is interested and figure out a price they are willing to pay. You will become more willing to negotiate when these issues occur.

Location and design issues are tough to overcome, so focus on the positives of your property.


When your house is on the market, you have to be able to show it on a minute’s notice.  Otherwise, your buyers may lose interest in seeing the home.

You have to let buyers look when they want or the home will not sell.


You want to make sure your buyers can visualize themselves living in the home. Clutter can cause a distraction and hinder the buyers vision. You want to do all you can to ensure their vision of the home is positive.

Consider removing nick-nacks, crazy colored decor, and other collectables. These types of items block vision.

These are just a few things you should consider when you are having trouble selling your home.  If you’re having trouble selling your house then we may be interested.

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