The real estate market is making a comeback, and sellers are hopeful that means more offers will be made. However, even with the market intact, this does not mean that your home will receive more offers. There are three basic things a home needs to see lots of activity : location, price and presentation.


How many times have we heard it. Location, location, location. It’s so true though. Everyone has an ideal location in mind when going to look for a home. If your home is not in a prime location, you may not see any activity for a long time. A location often becomes more important to potential home buyers than price, number of bedrooms or the size of the home. If your home is not in an ideal location, you will need to work closely with your agent to price your home competitively.

Right Price

Of course, buyers are looking for a home at a reasonable price. No one wants to spend more than they have to. When homes are 10% over market value, they will not see much activity. Pricing is something that is negotiable, and will never be precise until the closing of a home occurs. That closing price becomes known as the home’s market value. Agents are only able to provide a seller with a value range, as there is always room for improvements. Those sellers who go towards the bottom of the value range will see more activity than those who stick around the top portion.


The market is a bit different than it use to be. Individuals use to do a good cleaning and decluttering of their home before a potential buyer viewed it. The presentation was not as important then, but online marketing was not available at that time either. Current buyers want a home that makes them feel at home. That is why it is important to appeal to their senses. Sometimes minor changes are needed before potential buyers would even consider looking at the home. If you are in an ideal location, it is best for you to make those changes, as it will determine the amount of activity you will receive.

If your home is not in a prime location or you are unwilling to make necessary changes, I could help. I buy homes, contact me today to go over some quick sell options.

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