There are various things you can do to ensure your home is ready for a quick sale.


Yard Work

The outside neatness of your home is vital. This is the buyer’s first impression of the home. Ensure that the yard is free of debris, leaves, and other unwanted distractions. Make sure the bushes are tidy and flower beds are cleaned out. Dead flowers will not help sell your home.  Keep with the season when decorating. You don’t want Halloween decor if it is currently Christmas time. Ensure gutters are clean as well as any type of water you may have like fountains or swimming pools. Get rid of any outdoor furniture that is unappealing.


Clutter in the home is a vision blocker. The buyer will not be able to get a true vision of what the home will be like when they move in if it is currently full of junk. Present a home that is tidy, attractive, and gives off a spacious feel. Compare your home with others that are for sale in your neighborhood. If there is a home nearby that has been updated recently, schedule a showing or find pictures on the web. You want your home to look as good as your competition.

Repairs and Maintenance

Ensure that is home is up-to-date on maintenance and has no repairs that are needed. If something should go wrong while it is listed make sure you fix it. Buyers are not in the market to purchase a home that needs repairs right off the bat. If buyers notice any problems with the home it will affect their decision and more than likely they will not make an offer. A home inspection can help you point out any repairs or maintenance that may need done.

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