Selling a home is stressful. It’s a long process that can really wear on you physically and mentally. Having to prepare the home for viewings can put a strain on you financially. This is often times the reason people dread selling their home. The stress is not worth it to them. This rings true, even when the real estate market is booming with success.

Here are some things you can do to improve the appearance of your home without causing a lot of stress.

Cleaning Carpets

We become immune to things after a while, but potential buyers will spot them right away. Carpet has a tendency to trap in unwanted odors. A deep clean will lift those odors, and leave your carpet looking good as well. You don’t have to pay big bucks to get this task done. Simply rent a carpet cleaner, and do it yourself. This will pay off in the long run.

Small Stuff

We tend to put the small stuff off, but when you’re selling your home, that small stuff matters. Take the time to fix the leaky faucet or the grout that has been chipped away. Buyers will spot these small flaws and wonder what other larger problems could be lurking about. These small fixes will hinder them from seeing the potential in your home. They will always be looking for more flaws.

Exterior walls and walkways

We are all guilty of allowing our home to get dingy on the outside. You can really make a difference in the home’s appearance by pressure washing walkways, as well as the outside of the home. Potential buyers will appreciate that the home looks well maintained.

Neutral colors.

The color of your walls can really affect a buyer. While you love purple, your buyer only sees hours of base coat to cover up the purple they hate, then they have to follow up with paining it a color of their choosing. It is always best to return your walls to a natural color. Buyers will appreciate this. If they want to paint, they will not have to worry about hard to cover up colors.

It is also a good idea to remove all nails from the walls and fill in holes. Touching up the trim around doorways can also win you some brownie points with the buyer.

Toss anything broken or damaged

You want to rid your home of anything that is damaged or broken. Broken flower pots or light fixtures can be real eye sores. It’s better to remove them before potential buyers view the home. Replacing broken light fixtures will make the home look maintained. Also, ensure all light bulbs are in working condition because buyers like to see if they work.

Display important documents

Have all important documents together such as title, manuals, warranty and purchase information for all your home appliances and improvements. If you recently replaced the furnace, have proof. This will go a long way with potential buyers. They like to see that the furnace you just installed has a 15 year warranty. This means they have nothing to worry about.

If you need to sell your home, and do not want to worry with the stress, I can help. I buy homes and have some quick sell options for you. Contact me today for more details.

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