Believe it or not, there are home improvements that you want to avoid doing if you are trying to sell your home.

Here are ten improvements you should avoid making.

Kitchen cabinet Doors

Refrain yourself from removing cabinet doors to display beautiful color-coordinated plates, bowls and crockery. Yes, they may accent your home, but the future buyer may have dishes that are less appealing that they are looking to hide.

Although, you use this current cabinet space as a place to display cherished art pieces, the buyer may want to utilize this space to house food. If you avoid taking off cabinet doors it will help your buyer see all the important elements of your kitchen area.

Conversion of bedroom into an office

It may be very impressive to have a home that has a custom built in desk or shelves, but these areas may be viewed as an issue when a potential buyer wants to use the room as a bedroom. Built in and custom designs can cause  the buyer to back out of considering your home. Keep those spare bedrooms freed from any type of built in furniture that may alter the purpose of the room.

Bathtubs and showers

You should always avoid converting your current tub/shower into just a shower. This can turn potential buyers off because many individuals love to take long hot baths, and your home only offers a shower. So, do not customize the bathroom to suit your on the go needs. Keep in mind that potential buyers may prefer taking baths over showers.

Take the bathroom door off:

You should never take off the bathroom door to make the appearance of a bedroom suite look bigger. The bathroom is a private domain, and this type of renovation will have potential buyers running in the opposite direction.

Convert garage into an office or bedroom

A garage can be a huge seller of your home. That is why it is important that this space be left intact so the future buyer can see the potential of the area. When a garage is converted into an office or bedroom, it hinders the buyers vision of what the space can be utilized as.

Paving yard areas

Although, you may not enjoy the beauty of your grass, refrain yourself from paving an area just so you do not have to maintain it. This is a true vision blocker for potential buyers. They may want to use the current grass location to plant a garden or display a small fish pond.

Cut down the trees

Never cut down a tree because you simply do not like it. Trees add value to the home, and if you are lacking in landscaping it could place a dent in the future homeowners prospective of the home. People love trees, even if they appear ugly to you! An ugly tree is better than no tree at all.

Add a swimming pool

If you know that you are going to want to sell your home in the future,  you should avoid adding features such as a swimming pool. While this may attract some buyers, it could also be a turn off to others. Pool’s take a lot of upkeep, and some buyers will skip looking at your home because they are unwilling to do what is necessary to keep the swimming pool clean.

Add an RV garage

Avoid adding large structures such as an RV garage because they are big and can only be utilized for the specified build. There is a very small percentage of people who own RV’s. Therefore, this type of addition will be a huge eyesore to future buyers.

Paint Greek and Roman Statues

If you have a statue incorporated into the landscaping of the home, you should leave it in its natural form. Painting the statue will devalue it and could truly alter the statue’s appearance, making it unpleasing to the buyer. Plus, the paint will chip over time. Leaving the future homeowner a lot of headache to deal with.

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