There is lots of talk about the real estate market starting to recuperate, but there are still thousands of individuals who are in danger of experiencing the monster known as foreclosure, for a variety of reasons.  Two million homeowners have found themselves in the land of Zombie Foreclosure.

Zombie Foreclosure

Once a bank delivers a failure to pay notice, what happens? This is just the beginning of the extensive foreclosure process. Believe it or not, the home is still owned by the owner during the foreclosure. This is what the homeowner fails to realize and many of them move out with the first notice. This is known as Zombie Foreclosure. Since the process has just begun that means the home will sit empty for an extended period of time much like a Zombie.

Once the home is vacant so many negative things can happen. Real estate taxes will become delinquent, the land as well as the home will begin to deteriorate, and destruction of the property and home is likely to occur. This opens a new door to issues that the homeowner may be responsible for.

 Avoid Zombie Foreclosure

The homeowner can look at the county tax records to know rather or not the bank finalized the foreclosure process. If the process is complete the home will be listed in the bank’s name. Bank’s  will look for other avenues like negotiating short sales. That is why you need me. I have successfully helped hundreds of owners avoid foreclosure by conducting a short sale. Short sales will also spare your credit from getting the negative feedback of a foreclosure.

At we are ready to help you with the short sale of your home. Contact us to schedule a consultation where we will explore your options and explain how a short sale can save your credit.

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