People tend to think the best time to sell a home is in the summer months. This is true in some ways, but there are some very common mistakes that are made during summer home selling. Here are some tips to beware of so you don’t turn off potential buyers of your home during the summer months.

Overgrown Yard

Of course we are all super busy in the summer with vacations, and other fun filled events. However, if you have made the decision to sell your home, it is so important that you take the necessary steps to keep up with the yard work. If you do not have time, then you should hire someone to mow your yard. Curb appeal is very important during the summer months, because the grass grows rapidly. Before you know it, that grass will be overgrown and look like an eyesore to potential buyers. Also, if you are going to landscape with plants, make sure you water them. Dead plants will not be appealing either.

Hot Homes

Sure its great to conserve on energy. Lot’s of people set their thermostats up when they are not home, but this can turn into something negative when trying to sell your home. If a viewing is scheduled while you are away, a buyer will not appreciate walking into a home that is hot. You don’t want potential buyers to be uncomfortable while viewing your home, so it’s best to set the temperature to 72 and leave fans on to help circulate the air flow.


We all have a habit of drawling the shades during the summer, but this can be a mistake. You want to open the blinds a bit to let some natural sunlight in. It will help your home look more cheerful and inviting. Darkness will make a room appear smaller.

Bad Smells

Garbage sitting in an outdoor garbage can quickly become stinky under the hot summer sun. You don’t want potential buyers to be put off by horrible odors, so you should do your best to eliminate them. You could ask a neighbor if it’s possible to leave a can at their house while a buyer is viewing your home. It is equally important to keep your inside garbage cans free of horrible smells.

Backyard Mistakes

It is just as important to keep your back yard clean, as it is the front. All outdoor assets such as patios, pools and outdoor furniture should be clean and free of debris. Place your outdoor furniture in an appealing way that makes your yard look bigger. Keeping your pool clean is highly important because potential buyers will want to take a glance at it.


Potential buyers will want to view every aspect of the home. So make sure all closets and the basement have good air flow to them so the air is not stuffy or muggy. You could place a dehumidifier to help in these areas.

Cold Drinks

Be a good host when potential buyers are viewing your home. When it’s hot outside, and a buyer has spent an expanded amount of time viewing your home, offer them a cool drink. This will be something that they will appreciate.

If you are unwilling to do the extra things needed to sell your home in the summer, I can help. I buy homes, and can provide you with some quick sell options. Contact me today for more details.


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