Individuals who are looking to sell their homes need to keep up on the latest trends and news regarding the real estate market. At the moment, buyers seem to be interested in homes that are 2,000 square feet, but most homes in the U.S. tend to be 40-years-old or older. Homes with this amount of age do not have the comforts that buyers are looking for.

Statistics show, that only a third of the homes listed for sell are 2,000 square feet or more. The remainder of the homes goes lower than 1,200 square feet. This is a big difference and is something buyers will not be willing to budge on when looking for a home.

What are sellers to do if their home is small?

Location, Location, Location! Real estate weighs heavily on the location of a home. If your home is in an ideal location it will sell itself. Buyers may easily overlook the size of the home for an idea location that fits into their lifestyle.

You can use the home’s prime location to your benefit. If there is something the home lacks, you can focus the buyers’ attention to the possibilities the home has. Share renovation ideas that you have considered, but never got around to. Paint a picture for your buyers so that they can see a vision of their perfect home.

Consider eliminating any décor or furniture that does not accent the beauty of the home. Reduce the amount of clutter so that the area looks larger to the buyer. Clutter is a vision blocker for buyers and can really hinder the sale of your home.

Buyers come into a home expecting perfection. If your home is not the picture of perfection that they are looking for, I have the solution for you. I buy homes and can take the worry of picky buyers away from you, as well as the long drawn out wait time you will experience while trying to sell your home. To find out what your home is worth: We buy houses – Get an offer Today.

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